Cotton Candy

Wonder Wisps Creations

Mouthfuls of YUM

From Custom-made Cotton Candy to Hot Cocoa Bombs, Wonder Wisps Creations specializes in making your mouth water.

Locally owned in Tucson, Arizona bringing dessert to the desert. 

Chocolate Drink

Hot Cocoa Bombs

Hot cocoa bombs are a ball of chocolate with a little bit extra inside. Place a cocoa bomb in your mug and pour hot milk or water over it to melt the shell and release marshmallows & cocoa mix to create a cup of delicious hot cocoa!

Cotton Candy

Gourmet & Specialty Cotton Candy
Made to Order in every flavor possible.
Custom flavors available.

Cotton Candy Ice Cream
Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Specialty Desserts

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
Valentine's Day Cocoa Bombs
& More

Pieces of Chocolate


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